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It’s never too late to get trained in the beautiful art of Yoga and experience the depths of its beauty by taking up courses under proper guidance and professional mentors. Making your hunt of the right mentor and courses easier, we present you with the best online Yoga courses. Our professionally trained instructors make your journey on the path professional Yoga as smooth as silk.

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to provide you with the best yoga lessons online in order to expertise and professionalise your love for Yoga in the comfort of your home. Yoga is the messenger of wellness and peace in all terms and thus, we believe there is no peace better that the tranquil of your own home. We thrive to provide our clients with the best and most professional online Yoga coaching.

Yoga Practice online

Most of the time, getting a proper certified course in Yoga with the best training centres and institutions are surrounded with various barriers in the form of geography, time constraints, lack of availability and lesser resources. We, at Yog Parampara, have tried to bridge the gap created between knowledge and you due to these barriers. We have made Yoga training and coaching easier for our users through the best Yoga lessons online. We believe that this art of wellness and health should be highly accessible to the mass.

Our speciality

Turning our vision into reality, we have built this website in order to provide our clients with highly beneficial training programs and courses under the best online Yoga instructors. We have constructed various levels and plans of training according to the client’s requirements and goals
We have made learning Yoga easier and comfortable in the safe space of your own home. The following are services that we deal in for our clients in the most convenient and user-friendly way:

Best Online Yoga Programs

We, at Yog Parampara, have carefully designed and developed various online Yoga coaching that can be customised according to your goals of health and wellness. These Yoga programs and courses have been especially studied by our experts and divided into different categories in order to help make your road towards professional Yoga smooth. Be a part of one of the best online Yoga coaching programs exclusively at our site.

End your Yoga quest with the best!

Online Yoga Coaching

Apart from the various professional programs for personal health and wellness, we also service in Yoga lessons online. If you don’t feel like taking up a full course or session with us, we present you with the option of Yoga sessions online. Rather than taking up the full course or program, you can opt for various sessions that target a particular field of health and betterment according to what our trainers have chosen for the yoga practice online. If you face constraints of timings, our online Yoga lessons help you pick a particular course at a particular point of time without commitments.

Take up the best Yoga lessons online with us!

Best Online Yoga Instructors

Yog Parampara is widely known for its quality and best content. This amazing content of high quality is provided to you by our Yoga instructors. We are a team of dedicated Yoga instructors that thrive to provide you with the best content for your Yoga sessions and training programs. Our team of instructors mindfully decide and work on the curriculum of the various programs and sessions that we offer to our clients. The customised Yoga sessions provided by Yog Parampara is possible solely because of the constant hard work of our Trainers in the direction of our clients’ betterment.

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Senior Citizen Yoga Course

As soon as age sets in, the human body gradually faces deprivation in energy and motivation. Many of the senior citizens are deprived of the benefits of Yoga because they don’t feel energised enough to pull themselves to a Yoga Class. We have eased staying fit and healthy for the senior citizens through our Senior Citizen Yoga course. Specially designed and decided by our professional experts, our senior citizen Yoga course focus on the well being and overall health of the old aged. Stay healthy through the best programs for senior citizens offered by us.

Don’t let old age get you down in health and energy!

Our Packages

Category Monthly Quarterly
Individual ₹ 6000 ₹ 15000
Bring your Buddy ₹ 9000 ₹ 24000
Family / My Squad (Maximum upto 4 Members) ₹ 12000 ₹ 32000